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The Importance of School Attendance

The Importance of School Attendance

Attendance is important!

Attendance is important!

It is very important for your child’s success in school to arrive on time and to stay for the full school day.

If your student is absent, please contact the school office and let us know why your child is absent.

It is best if appointments are made before or after school hours, but we understand that this is not always possible.  If your child has an appointment during the school day, please call ahead and let us know, and make sure to bring a note from the doctor when your child returns to school.  If your child has an appointment, please have them attend school for the part of the day that they are not at the appointment. It is not necessary to miss a whole day for a brief appointment. They can even return to school after their appointment to prevent missing valuable instruction.

Any time your child misses school this is logged into our attendance system.  If your child has a pattern of too many tardies, missed days or leaving early, a meeting will be scheduled with parents and Principal Graham to work together to discuss these types of attendance concerns and what support, if any, a family might need to improve attendance.

In the afternoon our office receives many calls asking to give their child messages.  Please make sure to communicate with your child what the plan is for after school. If you do have a change in plans, please call us at least 45 minutes before school is out and we will send a message to the classroom. After this time we cannot guarantee your child will get the message.  

If you have any questions about this, please give me a call or stop by the office.

Thank you, 
Janet Dufour
Attendance Clerk