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Update: Online Read-Aloud Story Time in the Rock Creek Library Google Classroom (Click the link to join) each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - You won't want to miss it!
     If you have a library book at home, please consider returning it to our school office. We had 97 books not returned at the end of last year and would love to get as many back as we can!
     Also, although the school campus, including the library, is physically closed during distance learning, please message me (Ms. Alexis) if there are any books you may want to read. I can always upload a video read-aloud to the google classroom if you want.
The 2020-2021 CYRM Nominees are here!
We will still have our voting come early November.

Rock Creek Online Library SearchTop of Page

Rock Creek searchable library collection with Follett's Destiny Discover. You can see what our library collection has to offer by searching for specific titles, series, authors, reading levels, and more!Access Follett Destiny - Link to Destiny Discover Search

Online Resources for Children's Books
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*Click on each of the images above to find out more information*

Compare our school's winners to the winners for all of California. Did we vote for the same ones or different ones? Let me know how many of the 3 winners were the same and how many were different in the form below to earn a special library card sticker!

Mission StatementTop of Page

"We place each child at the heart of every decision."
- AUSD Guiding Principle
"We stand together to cultivate the potential of all students in a global society."
- AUSD Vision Statement
"Auburn Union School District, in collaboration with our families and community, is committed to:
Achieving academic excellence to prepare our students for careers of the future.
Understanding diversity is a strength.
Supporting a caring, experienced, and qualified staff.
Developing the whole student in a safe and healthy environment.
- AUSD Mission Statement
Our library's mission is to provide an enticing library environment with engaging, challenging, and diverse materials that will encourage Preschool through 5th-grade readers of all abilities and backgrounds to think analytically, solve problems, work cooperatively, explore creatively, and achieve college and career readiness skills.

Library Rules and Expectations
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The library rules and expectations are the same rules and expectations for the whole school: Be safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.  Some library specific examples are:
  • Safe:
    • Walk at all times.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Respectful:
    • Follow all adults' directions.
    • Use a quiet, whisper voice.
    • Use materials properly.
  • Responsible:
    • Treat books and materials with care.
    • Keep books clean and free from damage.
    • Return books on time.
    • "Own it. Fix it. Learn from it." If you make a mistake or break a rule - whether on accident or on purpose - OWN up to IT by admitting it, FIX IT to the best of your ability or ask an adult to help you, and LEARN FROM IT how to avoid making the same mistake next time.

Library Book PoliciesTop of Page

Check-Out & Return Policy

Students may check out up to 2 books at a time and all books are due 4 weeks from the day they are checked-out.  If there is a school holiday or closure that affects the due date, the new due date is the following week on the day of their scheduled class time.  After the 4 weeks are up, there is a 1 week grace period (5 school days) before any consequences go into effect.  If the grace period is affected by holidays or closures, it ends the following school day whether or not it is the scheduled class library day.
It is up to the student’s teacher to decide whether or not library books may be brought home.  Typically, TK through 3rd grade classes keep their library books in their classrooms while 4th and 5th grade classes may bring library books home.
Books may be returned at any time during library hours to the Library Technician in person or to the office staff if the library is closed.

Renewal Policy

Books may be renewed any number of times for another 4 weeks each time IF the student brings the book to the library to renew in person by the end of the 1 week grace period AND there are no other holds on the book. If there is a hold placed on the book or it is turned in after the grace period (considered overdue), it must be returned.

Holds Policy

Students may ask for holds on up to 4 books at a time whenever they like, as long as they do not have any overdue books.

Overdue Book Policy

After the 1 week grace period, books are considered overdue.  A notice will be sent home in the student’s Wednesday folder notifying the parents or guardians.  Students in classes that may bring books home are unable to check-out, renew, or ask for holds on any books (with the exception of books needed for projects or reports) until the overdue book is returned, the full price of the overdue book is paid in full, or the student has worked in the library during their morning recess (see Library Fines Policy tab).  Students in classes that keep their library books in their classrooms are not responsible for paying the lost book price (unless they take the books home against their class’s rule) but still cannot check-out, renew, or ask for holds on any books until the missing ones are found and returned.

Lost Books Policy

If a book is lost, the student has until its due date to find and return it without consequence.  At that point, for students that may take library books home, the student has the 1 week grace period to pay the full price of the book without consequence.  After the grace period is up, a fine for the full price of the lost book will be placed on the student's record and the same policy as overdue materials goes into effect.  We will NOT accept payment for lost books until the book's due date since most "lost" books are found and returned within that time period.  There are no refunds for any paid fines.
  For students that do not bring library books home, the teacher will work with the librarian and determine an appropriate consequence.

Damaged Books Policy

If a book that was checked out in fair condition is returned damaged beyond the repair capabilities of the Library Technician, a fine for the full price of the damaged book will be placed on the student's record (see Library Fines Policy).  However, the student will be allowed to check-out, renew, and hold other books. 
Damage beyond the repair capabilities of the Library Technician include pages that are missing, repair attempts with pages that are out of order, parts of the spine or covers are missing, pages with markings, or food or drink is spilled on the book.

Library Fines Policy

Students may acquire a fine for the full price of a lost book or a book that is damaged beyond repair.  There are no other fines such as daily late fees or library processing fees added to lost or damaged books.  There are no refunds for any paid fines.  We request that students be held accountable for their own actions and pay their fines with their own allowance.
If a student cannot pay their own fine, they may instead work off their debt in the library during their morning recess at the rate equivalent of $1 per day until the full price of the book is paid off.

Volunteers Wanted!Top of Page

If you are interested in volunteering in our library, please contact Veronica Sanchez via email at or by calling our school office at (530) 885-5189.

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Recently published books donated in good or new condition are welcome and appreciated!  If you are interested in purchasing books for donation to our school library, please email Viri Torres, Community Liaison, at or by calling our school office at (530) 885-5189.  
If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to the school, please contact Veronica Sanchez via email at or by calling our school office at (530) 885-5189.  We cannot accept contingent donations specifically for the library; however, our library does benefit from donations given to the school.  If you would like to make a donation specifically for the library, please consider purchasing books.
  We now have a running Google Docs Wish List for books for our library here
I'd like to acknowledge a few generous supporters of our library:
  • We regularly receive book donations from the Auburn Gold Country Rotary Club.  They are our primary source of new library books added to our library and we are extremely grateful for their generosity.  Please feel free to check them out here:
  • In 2018, we received a generous donation of over 85 new and award winning books from the Assistance League of Greater Placer for their ACTION! Week. You can check out their post and explore their organization's website here:

California Free Database Links - Available on any District SiteTop of Page

Quick Access to California K-12 Online Content during the COVID-19 Crisis - ProQuest research databases, the TeachingBooks literacy service and online content from Encyclopaedia Britannica are available to every Californian from this website, anywhere, at least until May 31,2020.
  1.  Britannica School (Elementary - High School) - Encyclopedia Britannica online. Look for people, places, and things. Watch and learn with videos and animations. Have fun with games and activities.
  2. CultureGrams (Elementary - Adult) – Concise cultural information on countries around the world.
  3. eLibrary (High School - Adult) – A massive, multidisciplinary database, designed for students and educators at high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities.
  4. ProQuest Central Student (High School - Adult) – ProQuest Central Student is a multidisciplinary resource that brings together many of ProQuest's most important, complete databases in science, technology, education, social sciences, humanities, and news. This database solves the problem of preparing students for college level academics by giving them access to a variety of sources, types of content, and multiple subjects using an interface that is widely used in higher education and prep schools.
  5. ProQuest Research Companion (High School - Adult) – Information literacy tools and tutorials to help develop critical thinking.
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