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Library News
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  1. Phase 4 has begun! Ask your teacher when your new library scheduled time is.
  2. If you are in Cohort C and are unable to come to the campus library, you can access the library search here, log-in and request books on hold for pick-up from your teacher. Please remember to return your library books on time to the school office.
  3. You can quickly access the Rock Creek Library Google Classroom <-- here!
  4. ***If you have a library book at home, please consider returning it to our school office.*** We had 97 books not returned at the end of last year and would love to get as many back as we can!
  5. The 2020-2021 CYRM voting has ended! Keep a look out for announcement of the winners coming soon!

Compare our school's winners to the winners for all of California. Did we vote for the same ones or different ones? Let me know how many of the 3 winners were the same and how many were different in the form below to earn a special library card sticker!

*Click on each of the images above to find out more information*
*Click on each of the images above to find out more information*
*Click on each of the images above to find out more information*

California Free Database Links - Available on any District Site
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Quick Access to California K-12 Online Content during the COVID-19 Crisis - ProQuest research databases, the TeachingBooks literacy service, and online content from Encyclopaedia Britannica are available to every student on any AUSD site.
The links below are only accessible when connected to our district network:
  1.  Britannica School (Elementary - High School) - Encyclopedia Britannica online. Look for people, places, and things. Watch and learn with videos and animations. Have fun with games and activities.
  2. CultureGrams (Elementary - Adult) – Concise cultural information on countries around the world.
  3. eLibrary (High School - Adult) – A massive, multidisciplinary database, designed for students and educators at high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities.
  4. ProQuest Central Student (High School - Adult) – ProQuest Central Student is a multidisciplinary resource that brings together many of ProQuest's most important, complete databases in science, technology, education, social sciences, humanities, and news. This database solves the problem of preparing students for college level academics by giving them access to a variety of sources, types of content, and multiple subjects using an interface that is widely used in higher education and prep schools.
  5. ProQuest Research Companion (High School - Adult) – Information literacy tools and tutorials to help develop critical thinking.
Date Last Edited: April 30, 2021 at 12:45 PM