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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"We place each child at the heart of every decision."
- AUSD Guiding Principle
"We stand together to cultivate the potential of all students in a global society."
- AUSD Vision Statement
"Auburn Union School District, in collaboration with our families and community, is committed to:
Achieving academic excellence to prepare our students for careers of the future.
Understanding diversity is a strength.
Supporting a caring, experienced, and qualified staff.
Developing the whole student in a safe and healthy environment.
- AUSD Mission Statement
Our library's mission is to provide an enticing library environment with engaging, challenging, and diverse materials that will encourage Preschool through 5th-grade readers of all abilities and backgrounds to think analytically, solve problems, work cooperatively, explore creatively, and achieve college and career readiness skills.

Library Policy

Library Rules and Behavior Expectations

Library Rules and Behavior Expectations

The library behavior expectations are the same for the whole school:
Be safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.  
Some library specific rules are:
  • Safe:
    • Walk facing forward and pay attention to where you are going.
    • Keep your body and objects to yourself.
    • Hold books securely and keep them closed while walking; sit down before opening your book.
    • Use all equipment and materials appropriately.
  • Respectful:
    • Follow all adults' directions.
    • Use a quiet, indoor voice.
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • Use your Toolbox Tools.
  • Responsible:
    • Treat books, Chromebooks, and all materials with care.
    • Keep books clean and free from damage.
    • Return books on time.
    • Keep your library materials in a dedicated place when not in use.
"Own it. Fix it. Learn from it." If you make a mistake or break a rule - whether on accident or on purpose - OWN up to IT by honestly admitting it, FIX IT to the best of your ability or ask an adult to help you, and LEARN FROM IT how to avoid making the same mistake next time.
Date Last Edited: April 30, 2021 at 2:08 PM